Increase employee wellness

Fitpass is a corporate service that allows employees of partner companies and their family members to engage in more than 40 sports activities, such as swimming, dancing, yoga, group training, etc. at up to 150 facilities throughout Georgia. It is free for companies to partner with us. Contact us and let's discuss special offers for your company!

How Fitpass affects your business

Company benefits

A culture of well-being is the key to success. Companies must provide employees with a healthy, psychologically safe environment and a sense of purpose. When employees feel well, they perform at their best in the workplace. Activities included in Fitpass uplift people's everyday mental and physical habits.

Employee benefits

Employees can explore the variety of fitness and wellness options at the facility with the most convenient location. Fitpass is equivalent to an individual pass for up to 150 different facilities. Fitpass is a way to various physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits.

Sounds interesting?

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How does it work?

FitPass ponuda je prilagođena potrebi klijenta

Fitpass doesn't include extra fees for the company that joins the system.

Obračunski period je na mesečnom nivou

Accounting period is one month. Date is chosen by company itself

Pokušavamo bolje da razumemo Vaše potrebe kako bismo mogli da Vam pružimo više vrednosti

A company can fully or partially cover membership fees for their employees, or employees pay for the Fitpass membership from their salary.

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